About Me

(in about 218 words)


I am a self-motivated software engineer with experience in developing and contributing to open source projects. My passion lies in building distributed systems using modern technologies such as Rust, Go. I am passionate about solving complex problems and always eager to learn new things. I thrive in collaborative environments where I can work with diverse teams to create innovative solutions. In my free time, I enjoy contributing to open source projects and learning new programming languages and technologies.

Some history

When I started my Production Engineering Degree, I took my first programming course in Python (Programming 1), but I wasn't interested at all in programming back then. After that, I took Udacity's Data Analyst NanoDegree. Surprisngly, what interested me was the programming part of Data analysis, not the statistical part. After that I started my journey to learn Computer Science on my own besides my college, and my main source was the Open Source Society University(OSSU). I started with OSSU's curriculum, and it was a really long, educational and challenging journy.
I started withMIT's introduction to CS, then I studied Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Database Systems, Algorithms and Data Structures, and FullStack Web Development.
Phew! Long journey! However, very rewarding! After that, I started my journey as a Software Engineer!